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Hello Parents!


School may make your child book smart, but does your child become street smart?


Worry not, we've got you covered!


In the quest for a perfect academic record, the development of essential social and emotional skills is often undermined. Add the missing element and witness the change yourself.

Do you think successful people like Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg were just book smart? They didn't even finish college!


Do you think they were always successful and never failed? They failed many times!!! Then they tried again! That's resilience!


When you are focused, know how to manage yourself and others, you can not only manage but successfully navigate difficult situations in your life. 

What we teach here is beyond emotional intelligence (EQ), social-emotional learning (SEL), or anything else.


We teach your child how to be resilient and develop the mental strength!!! We teach how to shift from a difficult state of mind to a positive state of mind and learn that for life!!! 

Like our students, pretty soon your children will be teaching you these techniques! Come join us and witness transformation!!!

Make your child street smart today!!!!

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I am Sahana

Hello, beautiful souls! WELCOME!!!

You are not reading this by accident. Kudos on taking the first step towards your child's well-being. Simply put, I am a mentor and teacher.

I have been into meditation and into understanding our body's energy for many years. When my son turned 3, I introduced breathwork and energy concepts to him. He embraced the concepts and I watched him transform from a child who cried a lot to a child who stays calm and peaceful. He exuberates calm and peaceful energy wherever he goes and other parents notice! It inspired me to teach more kids about how to manage their own well-being. Since then I have taught many children and parents always affirm how well their children use the concepts I teach. 


This class is fun for children!!! We move, sing, dance, draw, voice how we feel about issues we face and practice breathwork and meditate. 

My background is in engineering and business. Once I understood energy principles, I obsessed over modalities that help transform energy. I learned and certified myself in many different modalities to shift energy. To name a few yoga, breathwork, neuro-linguistic programming, access consciousness, energy medicine, and many more. 

I'm on a mission to help children learn, manage their emotions and energy early on in their life.

Sending Love,