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What is Street Smart Kids?

You are teaching your child how to survive, but are you really teaching your child how to thrive?

We send them to the best schools

Make sure we give them the right education and

Ensure they have a good academic record

But are you really teaching them how to thrive?

Are they able to get back up when they are faced with challenges?

Are they able to think intuitively?

Are they able to critically think through problems and identify solutions?

Children these days go through a lot of pressure. They have pressure from school to perform, they have pressure from home to be successful, they have pressure from friends to belong. The rate of depression has only increased over the years. 

At Street Smart Kids we teach your child how to focus, we teach your child how to be more resilient and we teach your child how to manage their own emotions. We teach them all the tools and techniques they need to be calm and balanced even when they are faced with challenges. 

Learn more about our programs in the programs page. 

Maintaining a fit body requires us to put in some effort. We exercise and eat healthy. 

Similarly having a positive and happy outlook in life is a lifestyle change. 

The duration of course is designed to bring transformation. 

Each week we have a theme. All the activities, breathwork and meditations are designed to re-inforce the same concept to your child. 

Parents attest that not only is their child absorbing the information, they are using it in their daily life. 

My child has so many activities already

How soon will I see the change in my child?

We exercise to take our body 

We eat healthy to take care of body 

We brush our teeth and keep them clean 

Our mind requires some cleansing too 

We need a few minutes a day to calm down and reconnect with ourselves 

In the long run being able to take care of your own well-being is one of the most important habits you can develop in your life. 

We learnt it the hard way, your child doesn't have to.

I don't think my child is stressed out

Is it too young to start meditating?

Children get stressed out too 

They go through many emotions during the day just like us 

For us maybe it our boss, friends or family. For children it is their teacher, friends and probably family too. 

The worst part is that they don't even know how to express it.  

Our classes help your child understand how they feel and provide them with tools to manage challenges

It is never too young to start!

It has been proven over the years that meditating has a positive effect on a person's well being.

It only makes your child be more positive and happy

When you introduce it early in their life, it becomes a part of their lifestyle

So how can being positive and happy in life be too early?

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